Buying into Microsoft FUD


Forbes’ seems to have bought into the whole Microsoft FUD about how Linux is worthless etc. Sorely missing from the article, any comments from CIOs who are switching to open source. But forget that. This comment by Windows group chief James Allchin had me chuckling. He accuses Linux of being a cheap knockoff: “There’s no innovation. Linux is still in the business of cloning existing technology.” Allchin points to new features in the version of Windows due in 2007 that will allow users to remotely turn PCs on or off, with programs still running. Searches will extend across all data like e-mail, photos, Word. “We’re creating things,” he says. Sure just like they created windows after being impressed by Apple OS (which was a result of effort of PARC). Or how Longhorn *creates* things eerily similar to some of the features in Jaguar, Panther and Tiger versions of OS-X. And one thing which the story missed: dude where is the new OS, how come Microsoft cannot meet its deadlines on any product, or just simple comment about the security flaws in every single Microsoft product, even Pocket PC.

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