A Pocket-PC Clie?


sony clie ux50Could it be true? A Clie powered by Microsoft’s Pocket PC sometime in the near future? It is popularly held belief that Sony scrapped its Clie plans for US because of the slowdown in the PDA market. But those familiar with the company say it was because Sony was worried about the direction Palm was taking with its products. They were worried about Pocket PC and its traction in the PDA business, while Symbian OS grew more popular with the smartphone set. It was a decision which was met with a lot of disappointment from Clie fans, because most believe that Sony was really pushing the multimedia-edge on the Palm platform. While Sony sells Clie in Japan, it is not a big thrust anywhere else. But does that mean Sony is done with handhelds? Not entirely. Company executives have been recently heard contemplating return to the business using either Pocket PC or Symbian OS. Given the multimedia features of Pocket PC, as shown by some of the PDAs from HP, it would not be a surprise if you see a Clie with Pocket PC. “We’re watching closely to see how PocketPC develops, and also how the Symbian world unfolds,” a Sony exec was recently overheard as saying.



When the message arrived, that Sony will cancel produktion for european and american market, I went off to buy one of the last TH55- in my eyes the best machine on the market. With its potential (Bluetooth, Wifi , a processor with variable speed and a high quality display) they should be at a definitive leading position- (when there wasn´t the limitation to the jerky MemoryStick)
At last, if they really change to PPC, the TH55 will be the last Clie I´ve bought.


“the direction PalmSource is headed…” Well hmm… that must be in the multimedia direction! Surely Sony doesn’t like it when an operating system company plays “embrace & extend” on their own turf. The only thing is, Palm OS is highly flexible. Sony could have added more goodies. Is WinCE as flexible? It doesn’t seem so, judging from the cookie cutter parade of devices over the past few years. But Micro$oft knows a good thing when it $ees it, so maybe the latest iteration will be more to Sony’s liking. Symbian is a great OS, as is Palm Garnet (OS5), as is PPC. I’m stuck with Palm because the NX70 and the new Zire 72 are so friggin’ great…


SONY’s stuff are very well esp the part of Audio/Vedio maybe there will some SONY PPC with high resolution screen, that would be very well……

Bernard Goldbach

I’ve used the Clie PEG UX-50 for more than a year now and I wish it had longer life when connected to a Wi-Fi node and that the keys had more play in them. But it’s a great device for viewing stills and video clips. Sony has got that part of the form factor spot on.


I agree with jj and Aj about memory sticks…actually I wouldn’t mind the memory sticks if they didn’t cost so damn much.


I agree with jj, memory sticks are horrible, they need to start using those Hi-MD disks, or some kind of media that can hold as much as the Hi-MD can.


I can only hope that they drop the stupid memory stick and start using some other media – anything, except memory stick. They are so hard headed they can not accept that they lose a lot of sales because people do not want the stick.


i guess most of these things take a lot of time. i am pretty sure they would do something – my inclination is that it will be symbian more than pocketpc, but that’s my gut feeling not something i know

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