Immersion marketing


Broadband and its applications are changing everything including marketing. A little while ago I saw a program, 60 minutes I think, which talked about gonzo marketing. Anyway very mainstream take on what’s a cool marketing development. Then read a piece in Wired about marketing to the 18-to-34 years old male demographic. Today came across some cool examples of what I think is a new marketing phenom: immersion marketing. Tim Manners who edits points to

A game involving Sony Ericsson, for example, not only requires players to use a one of its cellphones, but also to capture an image using its T637 camera phone. The Army, meanwhile is using a virtual boot camp to attract new recruits… …And, in perhaps the surest sign of advergaming’s looming legitimacy, videogame publisher Activision,, is collaborating with Nielsen Entertainment “to build a system that will provide information about videogames akin to TV ratings.”

via Jennifer Rice!

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