MultiService VMail Client, VMRover


Warwick, NY-based Blue Digits has released VM Rover, a voicemail client platform for the PC that allows you to get your Internet-based voicemail. So next time you want to check your Vonage voice mail, you could use VM Rover. The company says, that the software was designed to be independent of specific voicemail services and internet protocols, by providing a plugin framework. They want it to be like multi-service Instant Messaging clients such as Gaim and Trillian. So more VMail accounts you have, more useful this product is. VM Rover is initially released on Microsoft Windows, and includes a plugin to service users of Vonage voicemail . Guys since I am using Mac OS-X, I cannot honestly review this product. So if you try it, do let me know how it works out. Oh by the way this is not a free software, though it is free to test!

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