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Daily Music Wrap: August 05, 2004

I’ve started lumping digital music related news in a daily wrap-up post, because the amount of posts in this category were getting out of control…

Apple and Motorola: A Smart Duet

New magazine for iPod generation in UK: Haymarket Publishing is launching a monthly entertainment title aimed at a ‘tech-savvy, iPod-toting’ audience

Eyes on the Road, Tunes in the Ear: Adapters for taking music on the road

Group offers Congressional hearings via P2P: formed to remove the stigma from peer-to-peer technology

Audiovox To Offer Separate XM, Sirius Radios: Audiovox is the second autosound company to offer both Sirius and XM satellite radio equipment.

IPod clobbers Sony’s new digital Walkman: For now, Apple has nothing to fear…