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FCC okay with “packet” tapping

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Federal Communications Commission says it is okay to tap all the packet-voice traffic. “The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking we issue today,” Michael Powell FCC chairman said “demonstrates that the interests of the law enforcement community can be fully addressed for potential information services, and these interests need not be an excuse for imposing onerous common carrier regulations on vibrant new services.” I think it is not such a bad move. If we are going to treat VoIP as the voice replacement, well some of the law enforcement rules will have to be brought into the 21st century. I think the less regulation of VoIP and packet-tapping are two different issues and should be treated separately. I know this is a controversial position, but sometimes one needs to be pragmatic about the law-enforcement and other analog situations.

3 Responses to “FCC okay with “packet” tapping”

  1. Charlie Sierra


    All this requirement really does is provide the motivation for the creation of a brand new naming/numbering system with occasional links to the ever declining POTS system.

    Remember DNS is merely a fiat service.

  2. Yes, you are right. They are different issues, and VoIP taps are inevitable.

    As long as there’s a court order required (which the Patriot Act sometimes dodges) and they aren’t using head-end tapping mechanisms like Carnivore (that sort through ALL ISP traffic), then I’m ok with it.

    The idea is fine. I may have issue with the way it’s implemented.

  3. Your assessment of the two different issues is right on the money.

    We cannot create technology that works against the people by letting it be used in harmful ways without a means to intercede.

    Regulation will come, once everyone clearly understands what aspects need to be regulated. It is too early for that, but it is never to early to prevent criminal activity or worse.