Tech-NO-rati problems

Kottke says Technorati is getting some deserved bad press. I think it more of a case of how to lose friends, customers and crediblity.

My frustration goes beyond the perennial downtime issues their many users are familiar with. I’m a paying user of Technorati. At least, I’ve paid Technorati. I never have received the Daily Watchlist emails I paid to receive, half a year ago now. The amount involved is trivial – $5 – but the principle of the thing is what’s getting to me. Attention to detail is critical, and if Technorati’s response is indicative of their stance, the way they see and are willing to treat their audience, then I’m sorry.

Update – David Sifry writes: We’re working really hard on fixing the issues. Thanks a lot for your ciriticism and feedback, and please do keep coming back over the coming weeks. I hope that we can win back your confidence. I like this guy – he tries so hard, and one has to respect that!


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