Hotel broadband is hot


No more watching porn-videos on hotel pay per view. Instead time to boot-up your laptop and do some work, download some illegal tunes and of course watch porn from the privacy of your computer. In-Stat/MDR is reporting that the hotel broadband market continues to heat up as deployments and revenues climb substantially in 2004, and despite a rocky start three years ago, total properties with broadband were 5,207 in 2003 and are expected to grow to 26,828 in 2008. As of mid-year 2004, a fury of deployment activity is occurring, as hotels across the board, from the small “no-frills” properties to the large luxury resorts, are viewing broadband as a “must have”. The primary driving factor is guest demand for broadband service and WiFi’s ease of use. I guess it is one of the reason one should expect a lot of demand for the new NetGear travel router. Buy it now!

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