Vonage Outage, the blame game

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Vonage, the ground breaking voice over the Internet service is going through some serious growing pains. The service went out earlier today, a news that was first reported on the Broadband Reports forum. Since then the company with over 200,000 customers has come out and blamed a glitch in Global Crossing’s network. “We had an issue with Global Crossing, one of our carrier partners,” spokeswoman Brooke Schulz told Reuters. Global Crossing denied any problems with their network. “Global Crossing’s technicians and operations management worked with Vonage technicians to review the situation,” the company said in a statement. “Global Crossing’s investigation revealed no outages or routing issues on the Global Crossing network.”

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bryan grant

Granted Global had a bankruptcy only second to enron. They still run a second to none network running top of the line technology. If they say there was not a problem ..there probably was not. Even if there was a problem, Vonage should be homed to other ISPs for failover..why did that not work. That would only make an outage minutes long instead of hours long. Sounds like poor network design on Vonage’s part…and the blame game by Vonage to cover their tracks in the network spotlight…to save face.

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