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Digital Camera sales slowing?

Are camera phones cutting into the Digital Camera sales? Well there might be anecdotal evidence for that. RBC Capital Markets chip analyst Satya Chillara points out that “After a soft May, June digital camera shipments out of Japan were also a little weak, bringing Q2 shipments up 11% q/q to 13.9M units. According to CIPA, June shipments on a 3-month rolling average basis were down 4% m/m to 4.6 million units, slowing from May m/m growth of 3%.” CIPA tracks digital camera shipments by Japanese vendors which account for an estimated ~80% of global digital camera shipments. As an aside, now 4 megapixel camera account for 61% of June shipments. If this is the case, expect 512 MB memory card demand to increase, spurred in part by price cuts initiated by SanDisk. I picked up a 256 MB card for $30 bucks from PC Mall recently!

2 Responses to “Digital Camera sales slowing?”

  1. Charlie Sierra

    Two points:

    1) does this include the substitution effect of camera-phones?

    2) if you find any more $30 256mb, buy one for me. vbg.

    PS. Did you see the story on register? about the indestrucibility of these memory cards?

  2. Hey next time i get this offer, I will send it your way. I am not sure about the register story, except that i manage to destroy these things on a regular basis. i guess it must be me