July 2004: State of the Blog


Folks, July has finally come to an end, and one thing I can say, only 2.5 months more of baseball, at lease for a handful of Yankee-fans on this planet. Regardless,I thought I would bring you upto speed on the latest with the blog. It has been a month, since I put VoIPDaily on haitus, instead focusing on this blog, and VoIP related posts on Corante. I was worried that this would prove to be an unhappy move, but I was worrying too much. Here is a quick rundown of July stats: Unique users 45,000 // Number of visits 123,000 // Page views 573,000 // Bandwidth consumed 7.2 gigabytes // Best single day page view record: 42,709 set on July 17, 2004. That’s nearly 33% growth from June 2004. This does not include any RSS data. I have little or no clue as to how many folks subscribe to the RSS feeds. I would like to thank each one of you who have stopped by, and read the stuff I have to write, my rants and have put up with my truly unfunny sense of humor. I will be back next month with a state of the blog report. Meanwhile drop me a line if you can, about trying to develop a business model for this – for I have not seen one yet!



keeping the growth rate is going to be a challenge I think in the end. But lets see, i am pretty happy to be at the same point next month for i might have experienced the om version of dot-com growth. anyway i am pretty happy with the state of the blog and hopefully will continue to attract more intelligent readers like yourself


Wow- congrats Om. 33 percent growth from the previous month is truly impressive.

And of course, there is the story that the numbers don’t tell. This blog is a must read for almost all the movers and shakers in the industry. Hard to put a price tag on that, but I’m sure the guys on Sand Hill will figure out a way to do it.

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