Blackberry will be dead soon… NYTimes


Sometimes I just wish, just wish, people would simply read the press releases. You know go to a company’s website, click on the news section and read the press releases. Discount them by a factor of ten, and then write a story. In case you were wondering, I am in a tizzy over this story in The New York Times today forecasting dark days for BlackBerry. Again, Again and Again. And once again the argument is Good Technology – well not really. Good’s not doing too well these days.

Most significantly, Good has written its software to run on an array of phones and hand-held devices – whatever runs Palm or Microsoft software. Danny Shader, Good’s chief executive, compares his company with the BlackBerry this way: “We’re a Windows application – they’re the Macintosh.”

Everybody laugh now…. ha ha … Danny’s new profession, comedian. Randall Stross, a historian and author based in Silicon Valley has penned this story and compares Blackberry as Wang Computer of today. Not really folks for they have been licensing their software and embedding it in all sorts of operating systems, phones and handhelds like “mad crazy.”

That’s not very Macintosh or Wang type behavior. And anyway basing your story on only a rival CEO, and an analyst is not done when slamming a company. I think it is wrong to say Good technology is arguably superior. I am not sure, unless it is on the Good device it truly sucks. Secondly, RIM and Good is an apples to oranges comparison. Any one can buy a Blackberry from any phone company, but unless you are ready to spend a few thousand dollars, and are a large corporation, you cannot use Good software. And then they call bloggers amateurs! For a complete opposite point of view, you could read, Planet Full of Blackberries.



And they also don’t cover a real threat to RIM – the patent case against them. Very silly article. People seem to merge the idea of the Treo and the idea of Goodlink as well. Treo, as a device, is good but has had a lot of quality issues. Goodlink is just software that most people aren’t going to use because, as Om pointed out, of cost. I’ve tried both the Treo/Goodlink and Blackberry – and for email, Blackberry wins…..simply a better keyboard.

Brian Sugar

From a usabilty perspective, I think the Mac PC comparison holds true. Blackberry is simple and intuitive; Goodlink on Treo is akward and boated.


hey jonathan – i tried signing up for one of the hosting services which provide the service, however it did not pan out. i tried everything but no going. others who use treo have complained about the service. it is one of those things which does not work as advertised.

Jonathan Greene

Just curious if you’ve run Good Link on a Treo, which I recall is your device of choice. It looks interesting, but requires a server based connection from your office or carrier (though I have not seen any carrier deals). Love the idea of always-on email from something like a Blackberry (far from dead), but like the palm apps and PIM much more.

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