Is this the Toshiba e830?


label_e830 Pulled from FCC documents, now the primary source for leaked information for upcoming mobile devices. The label noted on the back of the device shows it to be device #GKRPPCE830W.Thanks to PocketPC Tools.



The only specs I’ve seen (not many) shows it to be exactly like the e800 with the faster processor. I think all accessories would work with it. I don’t think I’m going to get one as it’s really just like the e800 I already have. Of course, I can usually come up with an excuse for a new device if I try hard enough. :-) The preliminary information I had about the e830 from a couple of months ago indicated it would either be WiFi or BT and not both. This is different than information others have indicated from the FCC filing so we’ll have to see about that one. Having both radios would be reason enough.


Do you think you’ll get one when they come out James? I’m thinking about it, but I already operate my e800 at 528MHz so I’m not sure the e830 offers enough more than what I have to justify getting one. And, it could mean buying a new extended battery too (??). If it has USB2 hosting, maybe… Thoughts?


Awesome! Thank goodness….I hope that they were rumours about Toshiba leaving the US market.

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