Ink Saver- get more bang for your buck


ink_saverInkjet printers have evolved over the last few years from cheaper (and inferior) alternatives to laser printers to the full-blown photo printers they are today. Anyone with a late model inkjet printer can attest to the print quality they get while printing normal documents. Owners of photo printers are fully aware of the high quality printing these printers produce, with often amazing results. The one thing that all inkjet printers have in common is the amount of ink they use in producting these great results. I have a Canon i70 inkjet printer that gives me great quality results no matter what I’m printing.These results come at a steep price, however, with the amount of ink required to print high quality pages draining those expensive ink cartridges entirely too quickly. The high cost of ink cartridges mean that the cartridges are to the printer industry what razor blades are to the razor business. It’s no surprise that printer manufacturer’s are often willing to sell you a high quality printer for $50. They know they will make hundreds of dollars selling you ink cartridges over the life of this “cheap” printer. Enter Ink Saver 2.0 to save you big bucks on ink cartridges.

inksaver20uiInk Saver 2.0 from Software Imaging is an amazing piece of software that all inkjet printer owners should be using. Installing as a printer driver for almost any inkjet printer, Ink Saver throttles back the amount of ink your printer uses to print a page. You can select how aggressively to throttle ink use back using a convenient “% savings” setting, and you can print a test page that shows you comparable results of both graphics and text using savings settings from 0% (no change from normal operation) all the way to 75% savings. The software is just amazing and I find I can print photos at 25 – 35% ink savings and still get photo quality.There’s a free demo available on their web site so try it out for yourself before buying it. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I haven’t changed ink cartridges yet, almost unheard of for me. The software will run you $34.99 but it will pay for itself in short order, given the high cost of printer cartridges.

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