Cameraphone crap?


Okay make that twice I have used crap on the blog in one day. Hear me out though – I took a friend of mine’s photo with a Motorola V600 which is on loan from the company. I am using T-Mobile. I snapped the picture and sent it to her – it still has not arrived. She took a photo of mine, with her V600 and sent it to me. She is AT&T customer. Her picture message arrived today – three days after the photo was clicked. Just makes me wonder – why are phone companies spreading the CameraPhone FUD? It doesn’t see to work very well. Secondly, if you are moblogging an event, then well you are not going to be able to send your “real time” photos anyway. I don’t think the wireless networks are ready for photos or videos or whatever. As a contestant on Last Comic Standing said, “Give me a phone that works!”



You should try MobilePUP. MobilePUP gets the photos off your camera phone and puts them onto the web for you to collect or share with your friends.

Its really simple and easy to use. MobilePUP requires no software downloads and works on any phone anywhere in the world. Best of all, its free! :)

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