PhoneCo dials 911 to get 411

One of India’s fastest growing phone companies, Reliance Infocomm has hired former cops to recover money from their defaulting subscribers. The CDMA-based mobile carrier has been selling service at ridiculously low prices and has signed up the sort of people who would well, not get a credit card in United States. Most of the defaulting subscribers, according to the sources, are those who opted for Reliance Infocomm’s popular `Rs.501′ scheme that bundled the handset cost into the post-paid package, according to The Hindu, which went on to add that “The pack was targetted at the masses and found immediate acceptance from small time traders, vegetable and fruits vendors and autorickshaw drivers.” Reliance has been one of the fastest growing cell carriers, but is now paying the price! Indian cell phone industry has grown at break neck speed but there are signs of a slow down on the horizon.


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