Planet full of Blackberries

Amdist all the hoopla around Motorola’ new products, one news which got little mention was the deal struck between Moto and Blackberry for MPx. By now, Blackberry has signed-up most major phone makers, and has worked out plans to embed its software/service on all sorts of SmartPhone OS platforms. We are looking at a defacto wireless email platform? Perhaps! But this clearly is not good news for well, Good Technology! Motorola’s MPx was supposedly going to be an exclusive Good deal, but I guess not. And those smart VCs who have pumped in nearly $250 million into wireless email must be reaching for their large box of Tums! Good alone accounts for $146 million of the total. My theory on this is, that by launching an aggresive marketing/hype campaign, Good galvanized those meek canadians into action. Had that not happened, RIM probably would have kept doing what they were doing – selling devices and service and growing at a nice Canadian pace. Threatened, they went on and signed up all these people. Voila! They are in good place, Good in not!


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