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Daily Music Wrap: July 28, 2004

I’ve started lumping digital music related news in a daily wrap-up post, because the amount of posts in this category are getting out of control…

Online Music Providers Offering Sharing: MusicMatch’s new version getting some good reviews…

RealNetwork’s “Harmony” Release Creates Discord: So think eMusic people…To date, only one format meets all of these consumer requirements: the MP3 format. Simple, they say.

Apple becoming the ‘Microsoft of music’: Apple could become the “Microsoft of music” thanks to iPod and iTunes.

TBWACD Gets Shot At ITunes: TBWAChiatDay’s Southern California office is getting a crack at the iTunes ad assignment, landing the estimated $15-20 million business without a review.

Judge: RIAA can unmask file swappers: A federal judge has handed a preliminary victory to RIAA by granting its request to unmask anonymous file swappers accused of copyright infringement.

Fly For A Song, Get A Free iPod Or 100 iTMS Downloads: Delta Airlines’ low-cost subsidiary offers its customers either a free iPod mini, 100 free iTMS downloads, or a free Epiphone Les Paul Junior guitar.

iTunes mobiles – is this the death of the iPod: Is Apple shooting itself in the foot by encouraging users to turn away from the iPod cash cow?

MP3 Pioneer Debuts Spatial Sound: Iosono, a new immersive sound technology developed by Karlheinz Brandenburg, the man behind MP3 codec

Sharman owner called out from shadows:

Samsung adds audio players: Yepp YH-820 and the Yepp YH-920 are set to launch in the United States in the first week of September.