WiFi is best when brewed free


BT Lowers WiFi Prices… And They’re Still Too High writes Techdirt Wireless. I think no price cut is enough when it comes to WiFi. Most cellphone companies should use it as a lure to prevent consumers from switching to other carriers. Coffee chains should use it to sell more coffee. Forget the backend billing systems – at $69 a month 1.5 Megabit DSL connection, and a $100 dollar access point, the damn thing is cheap enough for anyone to afford. WiFi is a commodity, just like Pentium (a commdity that sells Windows OS and Microsoft Office) it should be used to sell premium services like a non-fat, double shot, mocha grande! Or, Verizon VoIP gets you free access on Verizon hot-spots etc! Incidentally if you were wondering, Techdirt says, BT’s single hour charges are higher than full-day access fees at US hotspots!

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