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MSN’s Newsbot on

This is the non-news of the day…MSN’s Newsbot news search service, which has been around in beta since November last year, is now available through The newsbot was launched in UK and other European countries then, and is now being launched in U.S., but through

The U.S. launch is also in beta…

My conspiracy theory: why have sites like Google News and Newsbot been in beta for so long, and will perhaps not come out of it for a long time? Well, they have no idea how to get any revenues off them, without getting into controversy…the controversy being that if they start putting ads against this news search content, like they do for general search results, the content providers will cry foul. As it is, the content players are queasy and have a rather delicate relationship with the likes of Google News.

So the “beta” tag is a convenient way to wait out the uncertain period and see what models develop later on…

Some more details on Newsbot here