How to shoot yourself in the foot?


Alternatively, how to let Microsoft regain its dominance; or how to greed is no longer good in SIlicon Valley, and how reporters are really a fickle breed. In case you were wondering, all these are possible taglines for Google IPO cock-up! Jim Cramer says it best, when he writes: “Second, you set the price at a level that is the most forbidding to the most people: north of $100. What the heck does that prove? That you intend to be the next Berkshire Hathaway? In six months, Google’s gone from a company everyone wants a share of to perhaps the single-most scorned entity I can recall. Right out of the chute! Amazing.” Compare this with rest of the putzes writing about Google and its IPO ambitions today, and you come away thinking – why aren’t more people like Jim.

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