I, Robot a good movie


ns5My wife and I went to see I, Robot over the weekend and all I can tell you is it’s a really good movie. What’s significant about the movie is that my wife normally hates science fiction movies because they are too “unrealistic” but she liked the movie. It’s a good murder mystery first with robotics and nice special effects thrown in but not overdone. If you like the Isaac Asimov stories you will love the movie.



In the 1940’s Asimov was already sick of the worn out theme of “Robots Taking Over the World.” So he devised three laws so that he had a framework for stories that could go in a different direction with robots.

Sixty years later a bad script that had been floating around Hollywood called “Hardwired” was picked up for a movie. Around the same time the studio aquired the rights to “I, Robot”. They tacked the I, Robot name onto the bad script and gave it to a director who is best known for making movies out of comic books.

Unfortunately summer blockbusters have the advantage that the audience has such low expectations that they don’t care if the movie is so bad that the robots even glow red when “evil”.

Save your money and go see Spiderman. At least it started out as a comic book.

Eric Smith

I was pleasantly surprised by the film. I was expecting only a minimal influence from Asimov, as in the “three laws safe” statement seen in the trailers.

As everyone is no doubt aware, the common theme of most of Asimov’s robot stories is exploring the boundaries of his Three Laws of Robotics. The laws seem simple enough, until you really try to pin down exactly what constitutes “harm”.

Although I expect Asimov himself probably could have done better, the plot of the film actually does follow in his footsteps. They also managed to work in enough special effects and violence to appeal to the mainstream action film audience.

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