How to get ZyXEL working with Vonage

A lot of people had problems with pairing their Vonage accounts with the ZyXEL WiFi phone. Even Andy had some issues with it, and had a tough time configuring it. Well I am adding two images to help with the set-up.

1. Create an account with Vonage by going to
2. You will need to subscribe to a soft phone #. This soft phone # will be used for configuring your P2000W phone.
3. A password will be generated for this soft phone #.
4. Enter this soft phone # and the password given to you in the SIP configuration of P2000W. The password can be found under features >> vonage softphone: manage softphone lines >>manage your vonage softphone lines>>continue. The soft phone # is the sip uri as well as the registrar username. Enter the password in the registrar password field.
5. Enter the Outbound proxy IP address and proxy port as ( and 5061.



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