Vonage’s WiFi phone coming?


Engadget guys got a chance to play around with a prototype of Vonage’s Voice over WiFi phone yesterday afternoon. Someone actually dialed the wrong number on the phone during the demo. In addition, they are coming out with with a softphone VoIP client that’ll work on the new Treo 610/Treo Ace and other Palm handhelds on the way. Sure except getting steady wireless broadband connection in this country is as difficult as getting Don Rumsfield to answer any question with complete honesty.


Andy Abramson

I’ve been horsing around with the Zyxel WiFi phone and have it configured to work with my Vonage softphone account.

As I reported on my blog, getting it to work took some effort.

1) It would not work with either of my two Microsoft 802.11b/g gateways/access point in either router or access point modes, or in mixed b/g mode. Why would I want to turn a b/g into only a b mode system, but I have a feeling it would have worked.

2) It would not work with my new Netgear travel router..a bug bummer since that was going to be a wonderful solution for my road trips.

3) I got it to work with my SMC 802.11b router without a problem.

4) It would not work with at a local coffee shop that offers free WiFi but lousy cell service. Seems the b/g blended delivery of WiFi is not friendly there either.

5) I went out and bought new Linksys 802.11 b/g, non speed boost, hardware. A Router for downstairs and an access point for the upper level. I also added in a wireless print server (one that actually worked) from Linksys. The phone works perfectly.

So, here’s the rub. Chipset compatability. It seems standard isn’t standard, just an interpretation of it.

I can call you if you want to hear how it sounds sometime.



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