US Toshiba e800 owners get free update


wm20003se_logoWhile all markets outside the US received a free update to Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for their e800 Pocket PCs owners in the US were left hanging in the wind. Most US owners downloaded the EU version and upgraded anyway but technically violated their warranty when they did so. Toshiba has finally released the US version of the update two full months after the rest of the world had it available lending increased speculation to the rumors that Toshiba is pulling out of the US PDA market soon.You can dowload the WM2003SE update at the Toshiba US web site. The update also includes SE versions of all the applications (ClearVUE apps, Toshiba Voice Command, etc.) that shipped with the e800.



No, the ROM itself looks to be the same as the EU version. The download includes all the Toshiba specific apps, though, which I don’t believe the EU download included.


Do you know if there is any benefit to replacing the EU version with this version (functionality wise)?

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