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Slate’s Up For Sale

Update: the leading contenders are the New York Times and The Washington Post, according to Howard Kurtz of WaPo.

Well this is a slightly vaporware news at this point, but very significant…Microsoft-owned culture-politics zine Slate is up for sale…the rumor first broke on Gawker, and then Reuters and AP picked it up today…

According to Reuters, about five or six potential buyers have expressed interest in Slate, and a deal may be signed within weeks or months. One condition that Microsoft is setting is that Slate remain within or affiliated with MSN.

Slate is operating at break-even right now, and posted a profit for one quarter in 2004.

AP: Scott Moore, general manager of MSN Network Experience, declined to identify the companies, and cautioned that the deals might not come to fruition, meaning the online magazine would not be sold at all.


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