Saturday afternoon’s random musings


It is a cold, cloudy drank Saturday afternoon in San Francisco. Go ahead and summer in San Francisco. I am mighty pissed off at the hooligans who started a fight, got our hottest hitter thrown out of the game and basically used all underhanded tactics to win when all athletic prowess failed. (I think they are not even going to make it as the wild cards – go Athletics!)

Nevertheless, watching the game also gave me some time to ponder over the last week which involved nearly six conference calls, ten interviews, one story, one online column, and one conference, BlogOn. So here are some conclusions from that one conference, and other conversations.

blogsmithWhile I am at it, a little exclusive tidbit that I picked up at the BlogON. Looks like Jason Calacanis is about to spring a new hosted blogging service on the planet, and it is a going to be called BlogSmith. I was wondering, what took you so long Jason. You got the software, you got the servers, you got the bandwidth…. and well now all you need is a VC to cut you a big check. Well this could easily be someone rambling under the influence!

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