VZ offers better phones for big shots


Verizon Wireless is doing all it can for the Republicans. Not that it won’t do the same for all of the unwashed masses! Apparently the company has activated two new cell cites in and around Madison Square Garden in preperation for the Republican Convention in the Big Apple. It has added capacity in all Midtown cell sites to accommodate increased cell phone usage on the RNC convention floor, local streets, in hotels and restaurants in the area, and to enhance wireless voice and data coverage for reporters.

Many members of the media will rely on high- speed wireless data services to access e-mail and file reports and stories from the Convention. In addition, the company has added a repeater, which boosts signal strength inside buildings, at the RNC headquarters to handle the anticipated increase in wireless calls. A Verizon Wireless technical expert will staff the convention command center ’round the clock and mobile cell sites, called COWs for “Cell On Wheels,” will be available to provide increased capacity, if needed. Backup power at cell sites and in switching offices will be ready for use in an emergency. Oh yeah, it is doing the same shit for DNC in Boston, but who really cares. (via Wireless IQ)

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