Skype’s PSTN connection

Skype Technologies, has signed up four carriers – Level 3 Communications, IBasis, Colt Telecom, and Teleglobe- that would allow Skype users to connect to PSTN, or regular old phone numbers, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. SkypeOut has generally had good reviews thus far. The noise in the VoIP space has increased to a new level, and I for one expect a massive price war to break out, despite all the taxation drama that is going on in the US Senate. (Additional reading, Telecom’s Continuing Death Spiral)

Aswath has some interesting stuff on his blog. He points out that a quick review of SkypeOut tariff suggests that it is very similar to many pre-paid calling card tariffs, including 3-month life for the credit. He has a lot of interesting stuff on Skype you would not read anywhere else. (Also by Aswath, Why Skype is No Different?)


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