New computer? Forget Microsoft Reader

ms_reader_drm_suckI have gone through a lot of computers over the last few years. A couple of desktops, two laptops, three Pocket PCs. These are the ones I remember anyway. On each of these computers I have installed Microsoft Reader so I can access the 50 or so ebooks I’ve aquired that use this format. My preferred reader is actually eReader due to the superior DRM but over the years I’ve gotten some special ebooks in MS .lit format and I like to refer to them occasionally.Not anymore. As you know I’ve recently fallen into possession of a Sony U-70 and like all the machines before it I installed MS Reader and set about activating it. This activation is required to unlock the ebooks that are DRM protected (most of them) and without going through this process the ebooks are just worthless files. Turns out you are only allowed to activate 6 devices accumulatively under the same passport account and then you are denied, meaning no access to your purchased library. Once you hit this limit you have little recourse- you submit a request for an extra device and then MS tells you they will review it and get back to you. In my case 30 seconds later I was notified my request was denied. End of the road. So MS, you have single-handedly guaranteed I won’t buy any ebooks in your format because I can’t use them. There is probably cause for a class action involving all consumers that have purchased ebooks and who can’t legitimately use them. Sucks.


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