VoIP wars on horizon

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hplogo_newVerizon is jumping into the consumer VoIP services business and is going to offer standalone service in 130 cities, reports The Wall Street Journal. The unlimited long distance and local calling plan dubbed VoiceWing will cost $40 a month, for those who are not customers of Verizon, while Verizon broadband subscribers can pay $34.95 a month for the service. Verizon will offer a $29.95 a month service for the first six months to its existing broadband customers as an introductory offer. att.103x49.headerThis is an attempt by the company to take on upstarts like Vonage (200,000 customers) and established players such as AT&T and Qwest. I am expecting a big price-war to breakout within months when they all realize that with so many choices, customers always are going to gravitate towards the lowest cost competitor. Meanwhile Sprint Canada has jumped into the VoIP fray with a $20 a month package.

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packet8 $20/month for unlimited US + Canada…why pay more?

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