Blinded by Speed


Karl Bode, the man behind Broadband Reports stripes Verizon’s FTTP farce:

By putting a name and price-tag on a service most customers won’t see for many years, this Verizon press release has the mainstream presses’ hearts all a-flutter with the possibilities of “fiber races” and other such broadband revolutions. If you’ve paid attention, you know these tease announcements (made every few years for decades now) have one goal in mind: keeping the regulatory dogs at bay. As of 2003 however, only 39,000 US homes were connected to fiber lines, and the bells still couldn’t deliver so much as a single episode of Matlock. It’s now 2004, and once again a single press release has the press thrilled, excited, and amazed at the possibilities of inexpensive and incredibly fast 15 & 30Mbps fiber connections.

Tellabs Calm Over AFC Hiccup: “We are aware of all the developments at AFC, and we have had no surprises, but I can’t speculate on what will happen between AFC and Verizon between now and the closing [of the acquisition], which is due very soon,” Krish Prabhu, CEO of Tellabs. Also, FTTP math doesn’t add-up.

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