More details on Tyco Global saga

Business Week magazine has a piece on Reliance and Tata VSNL buying Tyco Global Network. The reveal that some other players like Trinity Ventures also took a look at the company. Pivotal Private Equity is another name that has cropped up in the article. Incidentally I broke the story and since then it has been followed up in all sorts of outlets. A better report on the state of the Indian market and the demand is in Business World India. I am quoted in the magazine, so perhaps I am a little biased, but not completely.

Despite these advantages, managing TGN will not be easy. “Anyone who buys Tyco will have to grapple with the pesky problem of transatlantic price wars which make owning and operating this network as difficult as any other,” says Om Malik, writer of Broadbandits, Inside the $750 Billion Telecom Heist and a writer with Business 2.0, a US-based technology magazine.