More Blinkx updates

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By now most of you must be sick of the whole BlinkX thing. Still there are some updates, I thought I should share with you. For instance there is a big story on them in The Daily Telegraph today. They got SlashDotted. Venture Wire Professional has a nice article on them which says the company is looking to raise about $20 million in Series A funding.

Blinkx received $4 million in seed financing from British and American individual investors in September 2003, when the company was founded. Blinkx got the attention of venture capitalists after Om Malik, a technology journalist and a former investment manager for Hambrecht & Quist Asia Pacific, wrote about the company in a Web log, and the company received an additional $5 million from angel investors.

This ties in with Jeff’s long standing opinion, and Ed Sim’s analysis, Influencing the Influencers.

Forget about using the traditional PR route – if you can get these influencers to write about you on their highly targeted blogs, others will hear about it, write about it, and generate links to it. There has been much discussion about measuring the value of blogs but at the end of the day it is all about being influenced by a trusted source.

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