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Microsoft Forms New Media/Entertainment Group

Microsoft has formed a new group focused on the media and entertainment industry, and has hired a TV heavy hitter: Blair Westlake, former head of Universal Studios’ TV division, has been named to lead Microsoft’s new “Media / Entertainment and Technology Convergence Group”.

His appointment as a Microsoft corporate VP is the latest move in a longstanding effort by the company to create a larger place for itself and its technologies in Hollywood and home entertainment.

Press release: Microsoft said Westlake and his group will “consolidate and drive the company’s strategies for the digital convergence of home entertainment technologies, personal computing and media, particularly in the areas of business and market development, technical and (intellectual-property) policy, and industry-standards initiatives.”

Westlake’s group will help the company’s existing product groups — in divisions including MSN, and Home and Entertainment — create partnerships focused on the “convergence” of media, entertainment and consumer electronics.”


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