Home Workers need broadband


Nearly a third of the US workforce, or 44 million individuals, is expected to regularly work at home on at least a part-time basis in 2004 reports In-Stat/MDR. And in order to do so, they need Broadband connections. “Telecommuters are an important, and growing broadband audience, and with their unique needs, represent an enormous opportunity,” says Kneko Burney, Chief Market Strategist for In-Stat/MDR’s Business Infrastructure & Services group. By 2008, the US business market is expected to support nearly 51 million telecommuters, nearly 14 million of which are expected to work from home full-time. In-Stat/MDR expects that the greatest growth in residential business broadband will occur in 2004. However, growth is expected to slow dramatically thereafter for both DSL and cable modems as the growth of full-time telecommuters stagnates and that of part-time daytime telecommuters slows down.

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