IPod Sales Stalling?

We all know that criticizing IPod can be injurious to your server’s health, but this link from Mike hoefflinger is a bit of a reality check about Apple’s problems which are not obvious to the eye or to the analysts. While rest of the world including the most powerful newspaper on the planet was celebrating Apple’s great quarter, Mike came up some damning data:

Most important, however, is the bad news in the iPod units numbers, which the graph below points out. Although unit shipment comparisons to calendar Q2’03 look rosy, the comparison to calendar Q1’04 (much more relevant for a supposedly fast-growing product like iPod) looks ominous: iPod sales are dramatically flattening over the last two quarters. Particularly notable is the the anemic 7% growth from Q1’04 to Q2’04, especially when compared to a 280% growth rate in the same period in ’03.

I suspect this is because the company has not introduced a new IPod Product in months and needs to quickly refurbish its product portfolio to keep the growth engine purring. Engadget has a link to the Newsweek cover with the 4G IPod. I guess Apple needs this now.


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