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MailStreetExchangeHostingFor those wanting the advantages of an Exchange Server but don’t want to plunk down the big bucks for a license, not to mention the set up and configuration headaches, a hosted exchange server just might be the ticket for you. I have been using a hosted exchange server account from Mailstreet, one of the best hosts you will find. In the year I’ve been using them their service has been completely reliable and without any troubles. This week drove home just how good their customer support is when I had a connection problem from my hotel room in Las Vegas. I went to their website and clicked the link for a live technical support session. I instantly was connected to Craig, a tech support guy I would soon realize was an exchange server and Outlook expert.

In just a few minutes Craig was able to determine that my PST file was corrupt- something Outlook users are all too familiar with. He wanted to completely rebuild a new Outlook profile and setup a fresh account. In 5 minutes he connected to my PC via a special GoToMyPC that Mailstreet uses and while I watched my cursor move all over my screen in rapid speed he completely rebuilt everything and then optimized the settings to help prevent the PST file from corrupting in the future. Excellent customer support and as inexpensive as their service is simply great value for small businesses like mine or even individuals who want the reliability of an Exchange Server setup that is backed up off-site daily.



Mailstreet is not all that great. I have been using their service for a couple of years now and just the other day their service was down and I ultimately never received an unknown number of emails from my clients. I was assured that while their service was down that all mail was just being “held” and everything would be delivered when they were up and running. This was not the case. I know there were messages that I should have received because I sent myself messages from another email account and they never came through (that is how I discovered the service was down). This is the response I received from their tech support: “Unfortunately the only thing that can be done is to have those people resend the messages to you”. This sounds like a good solution, but what am I expected to do? Send a mass email to anyone who may have sent me a message that day?

Jerry Ramirez

Mailstreet OFFERS an excellent service but I have found they are far from available 24/7 and when it comes to troubleshooting problems outside the box they fall way short. Their job ticketing system has no way of responding to more than one user (for situations when a response to an issue should go to more than 1 person) ans it does not inform the sender when an email response bounces! Overall I would recommend users look someplace else.

jim thompson

I have been with mailstreet about two years now and I have seen a decline in their service. If you have any problems out of the “norm”, things seem to fall apart. I have had several instances of downtime as well as emails to support that were never responded to. Their service is great when it works, but it is not perfect. The last problem I had with them had to do with an outdated version of Java on my computer. They were unable to diagnose the problem correctly and then gave me a “solution” that cost me a lot of time. I ended up by updating Java myself and solved the problem. In the end it was a basic issue that I think should have been resolved quickly. I got the feeling the tech did not really know what he was talking about and he just wanted to have me do something that would keep me busy and just get me off the phone. Also, their little green light on the home page that reads “systems online” is deceptive. I had a problem with my service, called in for support and was told that it was a large service problem. Yet, if you had checked the light, it was green and made it look as if their system was up and running just fine.

cris chico

I have been using mailstreet for over 1 year and they are great. Their tech support is very knowledgable and would recommend them to anyone looking for hosted exchange.


I’ve been a MailStreet customer myself for about 3 years now. David, I will have to disagree with you, their tech support is TOP NOTCH, and it IS aavailable 24/7. Try it, just pick up the phone and call, you’ll receive an answer within seconds, something that today is absolutely RAR in tech support departments.

David Therstein

Mailstreet used to be good, but now they’re terrible. Their uptime guarantee is only for 99.5%, which translates to 44 hours of downtime per year. And they need that much flexibility because they’ve been down for more than 20 hours this year. They went down on 10/9, 8/5, and 3/20. And they don’t even offer 24×7 tech support. There are better companies out there.

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