Kaon who?

Like all interesting posts, this one began with an email. A reader sent me a link about a company called Sting Broadband, which in partnership with US-based Kaon Systems is going to deploy 4G Broadband in India. “Is this company Kaon Systems for real ? I smell rat here,” wrote Brij. To be very honest I have not heard of Kaon. There seem to be ton of links on the web about this company and its plans to deploy 4G (read WiMAX) in countries outside of United States. For instance it is working in Australia according to this report.

The report says, “Phone Vision, a Melbourne-based telecoms wholesaler, under an exclusive five-year distribution agreement with the technology’s US developers, Kaon Systems. he Broadstorm technology will be trialled in July by community telco Countrytell in the Albury-Wodonga region of Victoria. The trial is being funded by the state’s government under its regional development infrastructure program.”

Any thoughts or leads?


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