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Microsoft’s IPTV Platform Plans

Microsoft TV’s IPTV platform seems to be gaining some traction. Recent SBC revealed that it plans to begin “neighborhood-level” trials of MSFT’s platform later this year. An interview with Microsoft TV’s director of marketing, Ed Graczyk about the future of the platform.

Is Microsoft TV is worried that its efforts to sell IPTV solutions to telco’s might alienate the cable industry? “It’s not that unusual to see companies supplying products to different competing industries,” he said. “Motorola, for example, is one of the biggest suppliers both to the telco industry and the cable industry. However,” he acknowledged, “we are very careful internally to make sure we keep our cable and telco efforts separate, so that the project teams that are working with Comcast [note: Comcast recently announced plans to roll out Foundation Edition to up to 5 million subscribers] are separate from the project teams that are working with our telco customers.”