Blinkx and the Power of Blogging

Okay this may sound very pompous and self congratulatory, but this is the first time I have quantifiable information that people actually *read* what I write. Whew! A little while ago, I wrote, BlinkX BlinkX. The Guardian has followed up with a story, which shows some of the blog-network effect. Here is the gist of the story: Kathy Rittweger of BlinkX left Business 2.0 office at noon, thinking the meeting had gone quite badly. Trust me, it went well, for I am far obnoxious that what KR experienced. I blogged about them at 12.40 pm,

The blog was posted on a Friday, and by the Monday there were 5,000 links to it and people were discussing it all over the world. Since then, there have been 130,000 direct downloads, and many more through users swapping files. This week, the site – which is only launched today – has been recording 6m links or hits a day solely from word-of-mouth publicity.

And if that was not enough, BlinkX took my advise (people actually listen to me…amazing!!!)

It also searches blogs. This function has just been added because Malik suggested it would be a good thing to do. “I didn’t appreciate the significance until he wrote the article and then I thought, ‘Right, I get it’,” she said disarmingly. Blinkx can also search digital TV on the internet, which, in practice, means video output from the BBC. Why? “Because the BBC posts its digital TV free on the internet.”


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