Sad tale of the lost phones


samsung_phoneLike our loves, we tend to loose our phones with an alarming frequency. And perhaps the loss of a phone is even worse than the pain caused by a broken heart.

Research by wireless software firm, Fusion One shows that people get more upset over lost phones than say parking tickets, trip to a dentist or in my case, a massive hangover. Almost half (43%) of mobile phone owners have lost, damaged or had their phone stolen at some point. Three-fourths (72%) of them never got their phone back and 49% were able to replace less than half of the stored contact numbers.

More than a fifth (21%) of respondents said that the worst part of misplacing a mobile phone is knowing that some contact numbers, such as those of prospective dates or new business acquaintances, will never be recovered. When asked how losing a phone, with all its contacts, would affect them, respondents rated it as more annoying than getting a parking ticket or having a cavity filled – and 17% even thought it was worse than losing a wallet or keys.

FusionOne’s poll shows that 10% of those who have lost or damaged a phone did so while on vacation, usually in a bar, restaurant or while engaged in a sporting or adventure activity. Millions of mobile phones are left in airplanes, airports, rental cars and hotel rooms each year, particularly over the summer vacation period when most travel occurs. Los Angeles airport alone reports finding 400 lost phones a month.

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