Outsourcing media?


As a journalist anytime one writes a story about outsourcing, and disagrees with the John Kerry-Lou Dobbs cabal, chances are that they get nasty emails that pretty much say: wait till your job gets outsourced. Experienced it first hand, though my recent story had nothing to do with outsourcing perse except it was about the new four letter word called India.

Can journalism jobs be outsourced? Are magazines Next? asked Folio, one of the more established media trade publications, in its June 2004 issue. New Yorker wrote at length about Office Tiger, one of the companies in Madras which wants to become the editorial content outsourcer. “I think the opportunity is that one can inherently make a new magazine start-up less expensive. One can reduce the production costs of putting a magazine out,” Atul Vashista, CEO of outsourcing consultancy firm NeoIT told Folio.

Vashista, in my opinion is a talking-head who has no idea how the business of magazines works. He is the Rob Enderle of the outsourcing industry. Quote-a-minute sort. We at Business 2.0 decided to outsource one of our sections to India, and tried to see if it can be done. The results are interesting, and for that you will have to read the August issue of the magazine.



Charlie, I can always count on you to cut through the crap. love you for that… perhaps you captured by opinion on the whole concept. i have to say as a journalist, i think people respond to someone they know. even if it reading their rants on a blog :-)

Charlie Sierra

“The results are interesting, and for that you will have to read the August issue of the magazine.”

Well you’ve certainly mastered the tease!!! vbg.

But seriously in writing the writer (the successful ones?) really becomes the brand. I mean if I’m at the Dentist’s office and see a Vanity Fair, I only pick it up for Hitchens or Dominick.

PS. How are you going to send some yahoo from “god-knows-where” south asia on a speaking tour? How will that person ever give a KeyNote address?

This notion reminds me of the reverse of an album title,
“All filler, no killer!!!”

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