Some Fame, if not fortune


Last week I penned a little piece on Tyco Global Network’s sale. Well it was largely ignored by most… or so I thought. Today it is front page news in New Delhi’s daily newspaper, The Hindustan Times. Siddharth Zarabi, who is telecom writer for one of India’s largest daily newspaper quotes me as an “analyst” and “an author.” Thanks Sid, but I am no analyst, just a lowly journo! Sid has done some remarkable work and points out that Reliance Infocomm, which bought FLAG Telecom for $207 million is going to be quite aggressive in the bidding process. I am not sure what Reliance Infocomm’s logic is, but I would suspect they are going in for “scorched earth” strategy which incidentally became the undoing of all these giant telecom’s in the US. Stay tuned, as the story develops.

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