Blog Post Reports A Profit

It took eight years:, the cable news and Internet venture between Microsoft and the NBC network, said Monday it achieved its first quarter of profitability since the news outlet’s launch in July 1996.

The favorable fiscal fourth quarter (for the rest of us, that’s Q2 of this year) comes during a year which saw record annual revenue of nearly $45 million. During the year, saw more than 80 percent of its revenue come from 60 of its advertisers. Further, 70 different advertisers spent more than $100,000, the company said.

CBS Marketwatch (second item):, which launched in July 1996, is on track to be profitable for its full fiscal year 2005, said Charlie Tillinghast, GM of Tillinghast said that 95 percent of sales came from branded advertising clients. The remaining 5 percent comes from paid-search listings, which is provided by Kanoodle advertiser.

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