A630 ebay sale fallout?


speedsterIn case you were wondering, I was in Ann Arbor for past couple of days – first to see my niece and second to attend a very dear friend’s wedding. As luck would have it, two brilliant things happened. oldfordI stumbled onto a vintage car show in Ann Arbor (this is Detroit after all!) and secondly I heard some fabulous gossip about this A630 Motorola sale on eBay. Anyway here is a recap. Some dude, who was friend of another dude (who was a journalist) showed up at the launch of the A630 phone at some swanky New York hotel. Well he got a free phone, took it home and decided he did not care for it much. So what did he do?

jagLike all true capitalists, he cashed in his Moto-Lotto ticket, and put the damn phone up for sale on EBay. He then sent Gizmodo a note, and then ka-boom, did a review for the site. The phone apparently has been sold for nearly $1000 though the guy has been getting some “You dirty rat….” type emails from Motorola. Anyway this was gossip picked up at the wedding party between swigs of beer, wine and more beer. But to my friends at Moto: you can’t buy publicity like this!

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