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RSS For Industrial News

If you thought that RSS is only for early adopters and is only of use for tech sites now, think again. I met Paul Gerbino, publisher of Product News Network at the SIIA Content Forum in SF in May, and was fascinated to learn that his industrial news site, launched in November last year, has seen great adoption of RSS newsfeeds. Keep in mind that his site, IndustrialNewsRoom, is about sludge pipes, vacuum pumps, and all the industrial stuff you would think would not be amenable to something like RSS.

Anyway, I asked him to send me some stats on his RSS feed, and he e-mailed me a note on it, which I’m reproducing below. Consider this a mini case-study:

“As far as the hard numbers, just like everyone else, we have been sifting through the log files and isolating the RSS activity. Our official aim was to try to understand and measure the activity especially as it pertains to our market which is the industrial products and supplies.

We launched Industrial News Room, in November of 2003 as a proof of concept to test the value of a new industrial product news destination. We also wanted to test our first foray into RSS using our Product News to see if there was any stickability and acceptability for this type of delivery within the industrial marketplace.

To date the site traffic has grown in leaps and bounds. In June we had over 400,000 visits and delivered over 700,000 page views. RSS has helped in this growth. Our news format is perfect to create a good RSS feeds. We had also optimized the site for search engines and that gave us a huge boost to traffic all with a $0.01 budget for SEO/SEM. We are averaging over 250,000 hits on the *.xml files and generating 25,000 to 30,000 page views a month when someone clicks on the RSS for more information When you look at RSS directories such as My Yahoo and search for industrial news, our 50 category specific RSS feeds dominate the lists. We are also finding that when users clicks on the “full story” approximately 10% click through to the company’s website which is listed at the bottom of the page.

The success has meant that RSS has become an important part of our content delivery strategy and we are looking at other ways to use the technology built on this success.”