For 2.5 billion, Nextel gets what it wants


MobileTracker reports…

The FCC has voted to approve a spectrum swap for Nextel to keep emergency radio spectrum clean from interference. The decision by the Federal Communications Commission would give Nextel Communications highly sought airwaves in a band that won’t disrupt the radio communications of emergency officials. In exchange, Nextel will abandon some of its airwaves in the 800 megahertz range, where the company’s cell phones are causing interference. Nextel pust pay $2.5 billion to make the switch, but that won’t be enough to satisfy Verizon Wireless. Verizon was very vocal in stating that the spectrum is worth much more and is “a gift” to Nextel. Verizon said it would pay as much as $5-7 billion.

As a regular reader says, for Verizon, the only thing to fear is competition itself

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