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07/08/2004 Randomly Speaking …

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Randomly speaking there is just too much going on in the world of broadband, and there is not enough time to write about everything. Flarion is in trials with Telstra in Ozzieland. Wireless router start-up Starent, big cheese in Asia is looking to go public. Yankee Group says there will be 325 million broadband subscribers by 2008, worldwide, and 200 million will use DSL. Parks Associates is spreading Intel FUD on WiMAX and claims 7 million subscribers by 2009, which begs the question – is it really worth it? Stratellites fly again, media goes into a tizzy again. (Last time this type of technology made the rounds, the company backing it was some penny stock operator!) Batavia goes Muni Broadband…. when it comes to customer care in the wireless phone industry, T-Mobile ranks highest according to JD Power Associates. Well its time to stop giving JDPA any credence!

2 Responses to “07/08/2004 Randomly Speaking …”

  1. Charlie Sierra

    You left out the most important news of the day.

    Nextel gets its Spectrum Swap plan approved, 5-0.

    Powell called VZ lobbying ruthless.

    Apparently the motto of VZ is, “the only thing we have to fear, is competition!!!”