Symbian: united we stand


Finally the Symbian consortium is getting its act together. MobileTracker reports that Nokia is not going to be a majority partner in Symbian. There was been a lot of hue-and-cry about Nokia becoming the dominant force in Symbian but eventually folks like Sony Ericsson have decided to exercise their options, and raise their stakes in the company. The move, which will see its workforce climb to about 1,200 staff, is being funded by a £50m ($93m) rights issue, announced on Wednesday. Financial Times reports:

In 2003, Symbian’s operating system found its way into 6.7m handsets globally, putting it comfortably ahead of its main rival Microsoft. Nomura, the investment bank, estimates Symbian’s operating system will be used to power 13m phones this year compared with estimates of just over 1m for Microsoft.

Symbian has finally seen the light in my opinion. We know Microsoft is not going anywhere, at least with their current crappy OS, and Palm well is a disaster in my opinion. That leaves an opportunity wide open for Symbian. I am glad – for a minute there I was getting seriously worried about being stuck with terrible Microsoft Pocket Phones.

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